How to Fix Bicycle Paint Chips

By Blair Tindall

Paint chips on your bicycle's frame quickly lead to rust and corrosion; this shortens your bike's life. A reputable bike shop will give your wheels an overhaul, but it will charge a steep price. You can economically repair your bike at home with some thought, preparation and minimal tools and skills.

Step 1

Shop for paint to match your frame color. Small bottles of craft or automotive paint -- or even nail polish -- will suffice. Bring your bike to the store to match the color

Step 2

Examine the chip. Pick off any shreds of paint and remove rust from the hole with a pointed nail file. Use a toothpick to apply naval jelly to the area. Allow 30 minutes for the jelly to dry.

Step 3

Fill the area with automotive spot putty if the hole is deep. Wipe off any excess putty with a rag. Let the putty dry for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Sand the chips that were filled with putty. Use progressively higher-grit sandpaper, followed by a square-foam fingernail buffer. Remove dust with the rag.

Step 5

Paint the area carefully. Top with a coat of clear nail-polish to seal any seams between the original and touch-up paint. Allow the top-coat to dry before riding.

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