Fitness Newsletter Ideas

By Ashley Brooks

A fitness newsletter can be a great way to share informative, inspiring, and local news with the active members of your community. Whether in print or online, your fitness newsletter can address a wide range of topics. Exercise tips, nutrition information, and local fitness-related events are just some of the information you can showcase in a fitness newsletter.

Exercise Tips

Exercise tips are especially helpful in a fitness newsletter as they can be written for people just starting an exercise routine or for those who have been exercising for years. For example, the HealthFitness newsletter online offers a wide range of articles and information for beginners as well as advanced fitness enthusiasts. Exercise tips can focus on certain exercises that are best for treating problem areas such as the stomach, waist, and thighs, or you can describe ways to exercise safely alone or in groups. You can also feature tips for exercising effectively and safely outdoors throughout the seasons.

Recipe Ideas

Keeping fit has to do with more than just exercising regularly. Eating healthy is an important aspect of overall health, influencing everything from mood to energy levels to sleep schedules. For examples of potential topics, check out IdeaFit's website, which features a wide range of nutrition-based articles focused on informing fitness professionals and enthusiasts. Nutrition-based articles should present information that is relevant but gives your audience something new to consider. Potential topics include: comparisons about healthful dinner choices offered at local restaurants, appropriate snacks to munch on throughout the work or school day, and a description of community shops and stores that offer nutritional supplements or vitamins.

Community Events

Finally, a fitness newsletter should offer a clear description of fitness and health-related events going on in your community. Health screenings, marathons, charity walks and races, classes, and lectures should be presented in a schedule format so that readers know when and where these events are occuring. You can also give information about fitness events that are happening just outside your community or neighboring cities. Be sure to present the contact information (with permission) of those organizing events so that readers can contact those people directly if they have any questions. In addition to presenting schedules for local events, you should include informational and descriptive articles about previous events in the community. This gives readers an idea of what to expect for future events and involves them more in the community.

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