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How to Find an ASA Softball Team

By Contributor

The Amateur Softball Association, also known as the ASA, is a non-profit volunteer organization that has teams for males and females of all ages. The ASA was formed in 1933 and led the campaign to add softball to the Olympic games. Finding an ASA softball team is the first step in joining the Amateur Softball Association.

Assess how devoted the player is. An average Amateur Softball Association softball team practices at least twice a week and plays in tournaments at least once a month. The player must be devoted enough to follow the strict rules and schedule commitments.

Visit softball websites like Fastpitchsoftball.net or Softball.org. Softball.org, the ASA official website, list the rules, regulations and softball tournaments. The site allows you to search for teams in and around your area. Fastpitchsoftball.net allows visitors to search for teams by name, age division, classification, city and state.

Review the teams in your area that are in your classification. If there are no teams in your area, use the state-wide search to find the teams closest to you.

Go to the tournament section of Fastpitchsoftball.net to find tournaments in your area. Locate the teams that match those from your area. Visit at least 2 of their tournaments.

Watch the selected teams in tournament play to get a better idea of their coaching styles and skills. Talk with parents about their experiences with the team and speak to coaches between games to see if they are having try outs in the near future. When talking with the coaches, ask about the rules for their team.

Speak with at least 2 different teams before deciding to try out. Some coaches try out possible players at regular practices, while others only hold try outs a few times a year.

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