How to Figure Out Your Size for Track Spikes

By Elaine Harper

Determining your size for track spikes depends on the type of shoe. Because track spikes vary among race and gender, brands and types are available in most track specialty and running shoe stores.Choosing your track size can be confusing because these shoes fit differently than regular shoes. It helps to understand your individual needs. Typically, track runners search for snug-fitting shoes to increase their agility.

Step 1

Choose the type of track shoe you need, according to the track event in which you participate. Traction differs for sprint, distance or field track shoes.

Step 2

Select track spikes half a size smaller than your regular running shoes if you are a woman. For men, choose half a size larger than normal running shoes.

Step 3

Locate specialty track stores online or in your local city to order the size and type of shoe you need.


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