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Face Exercise for Shaping Eyes

By Cleveland Van Cecil

When people age, the face is one of the first things to show signs of wear. Wrinkles around the corners of the mouth and the eyes are usual due to their prominence of use. Doing some basic exercises to work the eyes will help keep the skin taut and the eyes' youthful shape.

Face Exercise

Exercising the face to help shape the eyes should be done on a daily basis to keep the skin taut and looking youthful. Exercises should be done once a day, dropping down to three days a week once a month of exercise has been completed. When working the muscles around the eye, a small number of blemishes or spots may appear due to the production of oils. This will occur during the initial period of exercise and will go away over time.

Eye Exercise

Perform exercise that works the muscles around the eyes to regenerate old skin and iron out wrinkles. The eye exercises are easy, but should be done with concentration and in slow movements. Place two fingers on each side of the head at the area right by the eyebrows or over the temples. This pulls the skin taut. Open and close your eyes quickly for 5 to 50 repetitions.

Gently close one eye at a time as if winking. Hold the blink for one second then slowly open the eye. When doing this exercise, do not squeeze the eye closed, as it promotes the "crow's feet" wrinkles around the side of the eye. Do this exercise for each eye 50 times.

Forehead Exercises

Forehead exercises can also be beneficial when attempting to shape the eyes. Stretching and strengthening the forehead will pull gently on the skin around the eyes, removing wrinkles and giving you a more wakeful look. Perform a simple forehead exercise by frowning the eyebrows over the eyes as much as possible and then lifting the eyebrows up as if shocked or surprised. Open the eyes as wide as possible. Repeat this exercise five times. A variation of this can be done by frowning the eyebrows together over the eyes and wrinkling the nose. Breath in and out while flaring your nostrils. Perform this exercise 10 times.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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