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How to Extend Golf Shafts

By Don Patton

Occasionally, a golfer may decide that a golf club is too short. He may want more distance from his driver or she may decide the club does not fit her body dimensions. Instead of removing and replacing the shaft with a longer one, there is a simpler and cheaper method to increase the length. By using a shaft butt extension, only the old grip needs to be removed, not the entire shaft. Shaft butt extensions are made to fit inside the grip end of the shaft and are typically used to extend the shaft by up to 2 inches.

Step 1

Cut off and remove the old grip using a utility knife.

Step 2

Scrape the old tape from the shaft with the knife.

Step 3

Fit check the extension inside the end of the shaft. It should fit snugly but not require excessive force to fully insert it.

Step 4

Cut the shaft extension to the desired length with a hacksaw and clean the residual material from the cut with the edge of the knife or a file.

Step 5

Mix a small amount of epoxy and apply it to the end of the extension that fits inside the shaft. Press the extension inside the shaft butt and wipe off the excess epoxy. Allow time for the epoxy to set before proceeding.

Step 6

Hold the grip next to the extended shaft and check the length of shaft that will be covered. Make sure the part of the shaft past the end of the new grip is clean. Use a small amount of grip solvent on a rag to remove the remaining tape residue.

Step 7

Use double-sided tape and grip solvent for installing the new grip on the shaft with the extension. For these procedures, refer to the eHow article “How to Regrip a Golf Club.”

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