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Exercises for Waist Pain

By Eric Benac

Waist pain and lower back pain make life difficult for a growing number of people worldwide. According to the American Chiropractic Association, half of all working adults suffer from back pain and 80% of Americans will experience back pain symptoms during their lifetimes. Lack of exercise may be a factor in many of these cases. Simple stretches and regular exercise are inexpensive and healthy ways to treat minor waist, hip and back pains.

Hip Rolls

One cause of waist pain is decreased flexibility. Stiff muscles tire quickly, and stretching them can help soothe minor aches and avoid future waist pain. Hip rolls stretch both your waist and your hips, which work closely together and share several muscles.

Begin by standing straight up with your feet separated at shoulder width. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Place your hands on your waist with your elbows pointing out in a “Superman” pose. Rotate your waist in a wide circular motion: imagine that you are slowly spinning a hula hoop around your waist. Do five clockwise rotations, then do five counterclockwise rotations. Relax and breathe slowly and carefully while you do this exercise. Repeat it as often as you feel comfortable.

Waist Twists

While flexing your hips and waist will help, sometimes the most effective way to eliminate waist pain is to do stretching exercises that focus solely on the waist. Waist twists will flex your waist muscles and help soothe pain. Begin by standing straight upright in a relaxed pose. Keep your hands at your sides. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Put your arms straight out in front of you and swing them to the left. Twist your arms around your body as far as your waist will allow, but do not overstretch as this will cause more pain. Once you have stretched as far as you can, put your hands on your waist and hold the pose for 10 seconds. Now swing your arms to the right in the same fashion. Put your hands on your waist and hold the pose for 10 seconds. You can repeat this exercise as often as you wish.

Anterior Pelvic Thrust

Stretching all of the muscles in your waist is important in eliminating pain. Anterior pelvic thrusts will help work muscles in your waist that other exercises may miss. Start by lying flat on your back. Place your hands on the ground, palms down. Take a few deep relaxing breaths, then bend your knees by pulling your feet toward your torso. Bring your feet to roughly the same position your knees would be in if your legs were flat. Push your waist into the air as far as you can and hold for 10 seconds. Use your hands and arms to help stabilize the pose. Breathe slowly as you hold, then carefully lower your feet back to the ground. For maximum benefit, repeat this pose five to 10 times.

Serious Waist Pain

Exercise won’t always help waist and lower back pain. Sometimes waist and lower back pain is a symptom of a serious problem. Bulging or ruptured discs often cause serious back pain. Arthritis and osteoporosis can cause fractures and pain in your waist and lower back. Spinal problems such as abnormal spinal curves, spinal infections, herniated spinal discs, spinal stenosis, spinal degeneration and spinal cancer will also cause waist and lower back pain. Pain in the waist and back can also be caused by conditions that are not related to the spine. Cancer of most kinds will cause pain throughout the body. Fibromyalgia is another cause of back pain. If your back pain is intense or persistent, see your doctor immediately.

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