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Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

By TS Jordan ; Updated July 27, 2017

Traditional Western medicine often tackles problems by prematurely resorting to medication, but there is often a better way. For men dealing with impotence, there are choices beyond Viagra and its pharmaceutical cousins. Kegel exercises have become a relatively well-accepted method of treating this unfortunate condition. If you or someone you know has been struggling with impotence, help might be just a simple exercise away.

About Kegels

Kegel exercises were originally designed to help women combat bouts of urinary incontinence after childbirth, but they have recently grown in popularity thanks to their suitable for treating a variety of other conditions. Kegels have been strongly recommended to both sexes as a treatment for sexual problems. A recent survey by Dr. Grace Dorey, a British physician, showed that 75.5 percent of men suffering from impotence improved after practicing Kegels, with 40 percent being fully cured.

Performing Kegels

To perform Kegels, locate the appropriate muscles. The next time you are using the restroom, attempt to stop your flow of urine midstream. The muscles you contract are the same muscles you will be flexing and strengthening by performing Kegels. Repeat stopping and starting of urine until you can comfortably locate the muscles. Once you are familiar with the muscles involved in Kegels, perform the exercise. Lie on your back or sit on the edge of a chair and time your contractions to your breathing. Inhale deeply into your abdomen, relaxing all the muscles in and around your stomach and hips. As you exhale, tighten your Kegel muscles, drawing them up into the body and holding the contraction through your entire exhalation. Release as you begin to inhale, and you should feel the muscles descend to their original location. To begin, repeat this for a total of five to 10 times, practicing once in the morning then again at night. If you can fit a third practice session into the middle of the day, all the better, as you will become increasingly able to contract the required muscles on demand.
After a few weeks of training at least twice a day, aim to progress by adding additional reps or sets. It will take time to improve, so progress slowly, adding in a few extra reps or one extra set per session. Do not think you will be able to solve this problem overnight. You should notice some measure of improvement within six to eight weeks. While this is not the quick fix obtained by taking medication, this is a more lasting solution that will not adversely affect your bank account or leave you dependent on medication.

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