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Exercises for Cervical Spondylosis

By Sarka-Jonae Miller

Cervical spondylosis is a condition referring to pain in the joints of the neck because of wear over time. It can be treated with stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercises can be done daily and take only a few minutes to perform. Consult a physician before starting an exercise program.

Isolated Neck-Stretching Exercises

Stand or sit up straight and look forward. Lean the neck to the left. Reach over the head with the left hand and place it on the right ear, allowing the weight of the hand to lengthen the stretch. Do not pull on the neck. Hold this stretch for at least 30 seconds. Bring the the head back to the center. Move the palm to the rear right corner of the head. Drop the chin toward the right collarbone while tilting the head forward at an angle. Hold for 30 seconds and do not pull. Return the head to the center and drop the chin straight down with the palm resting on the back center of the head. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat the stretches for 30 seconds each starting with the last stretch and ending by tilting the head to the left side. Do the same on the right. Be sure to breathe while holding the stretches. Deep belly breaths are the most relaxing.

Half-Circle Stretching Exercise

After warming up the neck muscles with the isolated stretches, do half circles. Drop the chin forward and slowly rotate to the left, stopping when the chin reaches the left shoulder. Return to center and continue rotating to the right. Do three to five half circles in each direction.

Isometric Neck-Strengthening Exercises

Strengthen neck muscles by pushing gently against the hand in different directions. Stand or sit up straight and place the right palm on the right side of the head above the ear. Gently push against the palm with equal pressure so the neck does not move. Push for 30 seconds and breathe. Place a hand behind the head and push gently for 30 seconds. Place a hand on the forehead and push for 30 seconds. Place the left palm on the left side of the head and press that side as well.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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