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How to Exercise With Rollerblades

By TS Jordan

While some people believe that fitness begins and ends at the gym, others have discovered that rollerblading can help you get in shape quickly. It is a relatively demanding cardiovascular activity that can be performed in a number of different ways, depending on your current ability on skates and your level of fitness.

Exercising with Rollerblades

Perform steady-state cardio for a preset length or duration to challenge your body if you are unaccustomed to participating in a regular fitness regime. Steady-state cardio simply means that you rollerblade at your own pace until you reach either a predetermined time limit or distance (take a stopwatch with you to measure the time). Work yourself up to the point where you can perform at least 30 minutes of constant rollerblading four or five days a week. Depending on your current condition, you might want to start slowly, with as little as two or three "training" days consisting of 15- to 20-minute periods, gradually adding extra time as your fitness level improves.

Perform distance races once you are able to achieve the aforementioned goal of training at least four days a week for 30 minutes per day. In a distance race you will see how far you can get within a certain time limit, aiming to travel a greater distance each week as you increase your endurance and become more comfortable on the rollerblades. Start with the 30-minute workout to which you are accustomed, and attempt to travel as far as possible within that time, keeping a record of your workout in a training journal. Quantify this amount by listing a certain mileage--it is sufficient if you denote it in terms you will understand (e.g., "I managed to rollerblade for 10 blocks" or "I made it to the park near my house").

Perform interval training once you are used to the higher speeds required by distance racing. Rollerblade as before, and use your stopwatch to measure the time. Alternate between traveling at a moderate pace and traveling at a sprinting pace every minute. Switching between sprinting and slower rollerblading can help burn more calories in the same amount of time without exceeding your body's performance capacity. Perform interval training for 10 to 20 minutes at a time to start, working your way up to performing your entire 30-minute (or longer) workout by using intervals.

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