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Exercise to Reduce Butt Size

By Tom Raley

The size, shape and firmness of our butts are critical points of interest for many men and women. The buttocks area is made up of three primary muscles that affect the size and shape of your butt. Diet will also have a large part to play in the results of your butt shaping exercises. Choosing the right activities, butt exercise equipment and diet will help reduce excess weight, as well as tone and firm the muscles.

Basic Exercises

The primary muscle in your butt is the gluteus maximus. This muscle works every time you stand or walk. For this reason some of the best exercises you can do are walking, swimming and biking. These will not only work the butt muscles but are also an excellent cardiovascular workout, which can help with excess weight and also improve your overall health and stamina. Start slowly, but strive to walk or ride for a minimum of 15 minutes in order to get your heart rate up, and to maintain that rate for a period of time. Weight loss will take place over your entire body, but you should see the most rapid results in the areas where there is more excess weight.


Stand with your feet together and back straight. With your hands on your hips step forward as far as you can. Keep your back leg as straight as possible as you shift your weigh onto your front leg. Hold this position for a count of 3, then return to the starting position. Repeat this up to 25 times, alternating legs. As your stamina increases, you can increase the number to 50 per leg. You can do this up to three times a week depending on your state of fitness at the start of your program.


Another excellent exercise to help reduce the size of your butt is the step up. Use a small stool, bench, or sturdy box. Stand approximately 12 inches from the stool or box with your feet together. Keep your back straight and step up onto the stool/box with your right foot, then your left. Step back to the floor, lowering your right foot first, then your left. On your next repetition begin with your left leg and continue to alternate for 20 to 25 reps per leg. Not only will this help in the buttocks area, but it's an excellent exercise for your thighs and can be a good cardio workout as well. As your stamina improves, slowly increase the number of reps per leg and the frequency of your workouts.

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