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How to Exercise to Lose Lower Back Fat

By Steven Mitchell

That dreaded fat around your lower back and sides can seem impossible to get rid of. Everyone burns fat a little differently and does so based upon individual genetics. This means you may have more difficulty than others when it comes to losing lower back fat. However, this does not mean that you can't exercise to lose lower back fat. There are exercises you can do to build up the muscles of your lower back and obliques in order to improve the muscle tone of your lower back and give yourself a more slimming look. This can be done at the same time as you are burning fat around your waist and the rest of your body with cardiovascular exercise. It is good to remember that muscle burns fat; by adding muscle to your frame, you can increase the amount of fat you burn each day and this will also contribute to the loss of lower back fat.

Begin a cardiovascular workout routine. This should include running, bicycling, fast walking or any other sort of exercise that raises your heartbeat and burns off calories.

Involve back extensions in your regular exercise routine. There are several ways to perform these, but the simplest is to use the back extension machine in your local gym. In a seated position and leaning slightly forward with the pad resting against your upper back, push back on the pad using your lower back muscles until you are at about a 45 degree angle with the seat on the machine. Slowly raise back up to the starting position. By sculpting your lower back muscles, you will give the appearance of less lower back fat.

Perform weighted twists to work your lower back muscles and obliques. A medicine ball can be used to simplify this exercise. Stand or sit with a medicine ball that is weighted according to your own strength. Slowly twist to your right until the medicine ball is directly to your right side. Then twist back to your left all the way over until the medicine ball is directly to your left side.

Perform deadlifts to really work the muscles of the lower back. Deadlifts are simple, but must be done properly to prevent injury. With a barbell sitting on the floor, have your legs evenly spread shoulder width apart or a little wider. Bend at the knees until you can reach the barbell with your hands. Grasp the barbell just inside your knees with an even grip. Raise your head, keep your back straight and then stand up straight, pulling the barbell up to just above your knee. After a pause, slowly lower the barbell back to the ground and repeat.

Perform crunches to build up the muscles of your stomach so they can stay in proper relation to your lower back.

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