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How to Exercise Buttocks While Sitting

By Contributor

Sitting for long periods of time causes bad things to happen to the shape of a person's buttocks. Buttocks can either grow wider or flatten out so that a person ends up with a larger rear-end or no rear-end. No one wants a badly shaped behind, but finding time to exercise enough is often challenging. Fortunately, you can keep your buttocks toned by completing these exercises while sitting.

Start by sitting up straight in your chair. Hold on to the chair arms or the seat of your chair. With feet gently resting flat on the floor, begin by squeezing buttocks to tighten muscles. Hold the position for about three seconds. Rest, take a deep breath and repeat several times. Practice deep breathing during all exercise.

Relax in your chair and breathe. Exercise buttocks while sitting with hip lifts. Sit toward the edge of your chair next with your back straight. Hang on to chair arms or seat. Lean your shoulders or upper torso toward the chair back. (It's okay to lean shoulders against the chair a bit.) Spread knees apart slightly with both feet flat resting on the floor. Lift hips up and hold for about three seconds. Rest, take a deep breath and repeat several times. Stop and breathe.

Practice chair squats to exercise buttocks while sitting. Sit straight up in your chair. Hang on to chair arms or seat to start with. Place feet flat and securely on the floor. Push yourself up to an almost standing position. Inhale. Hold for about three seconds; then sit back down slowly and exhale. Lift up again to almost standing but this time don't sit. Squat slowly several times before sitting to relax. Inhale while pushing up; exhale while squatting.

Tighten buttocks during chair push ups. Use the arms of your chair to lift your body upward and squeeze buttocks together tightly. Hold for approximately three seconds and release to sitting. Keep back straight while performing chair push ups and avoid tightening shoulders or the neck. Breathe throughout the exercise and rest when finished.

Practice alternating leg lifts. Sit up straight and toward the edge of your chair. Extend your legs straight out in front of you with both heels resting on the floor. Hang on the chair arms or seat.

Lift the right leg and buttock by leaning over to the left a bit. Tighten the right buttock and continue to lift about six times. Lift the left leg and buttock leaning over to the right; tighten the left buttock while lifting. Inhale and exhale between lifts. Alternate sides and lifts next. Rest and breathe.

Exercise buttocks while sitting with butterfly exercises. Sit straight in your chair again toward the edge. Hold on to the chair arms or seat. Lean back slightly. Hold knees together with both feet of the floor in front of you.

Spread your knees apart as wide as you can without moving your upper body. Allow your heels to lift from the floor as you move your knees outward. Inhale and exhale as you open and close your knees.

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