Everlast Heavy Bag Stand Installation Instructions

By Andrea Walk

Everlast is the foremost name in boxing gear and training supplies. The company manufactures boxing apparel, speed bags and protective equipment. One of the company's big sellers is its heavy training bags. The Everlast 2228 Powercore is a freestanding heavy bag that is mounted on a heavy stand. The stand is filled with sand or water so that it supports the heavy bag which attaches to the top of the base. It takes approximately one hour to properly assemble the bag.

Step 1

Open the Everlast heavy bag in the area where you plan to assemble it. Check the parts against the parts list in the box to make sure all the necessary pieces are there.

Step 2

Use a shovel to fill the base of the stand with sand.

Step 3

Lay the neck plate on the top of the stand, lining up the bolt holes.

Step 4

Attach the neck plate to the top of the bag's stand by inserting the bolts and washers. Tighten them down with a wrench.

Step 5

Place the flex neck on top of the neck plate, lining up the holes on the flex neck to the mounting holes on the plate. Slip the bolts and washers through the flex neck mounting holes and tighten them down with a wrench.

Step 6

Screw the connecting pole into the flex neck. Screw the adjusting pole into the top of the connecting pole.

Step 7

Insert the foam center plug into the main foam section into the bag. Once the center plug is in place, then shove the white foam ring and then the black foam ring into the bag. Pull the lid shell closed and then zip it up.

Step 8

Force the connecting tube into the center of the bag. Flip the bag into the upright position and then put it onto the adjusting pole.

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