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How to Escape From Being Choked

By Misha Safranski

United Combat Style is a form of martial arts invented by one of Michigan’s top martial arts masters. United Combat Style combines several forms of martial arts: tae kwon do, shotokon, kempo and kung fu, as well as components of wrestling, Thai boxing and the use of acupressure points to quickly subdue an opponent. This unique style of martial arts utilizes the most effective moves of each form, combined with a unique, well-balanced ready stance, in order to maximize a person’s strengths. United Combat Style is an ideal set of self-defense techniques, because it boils down the quickest, most basic martial arts moves for a no-nonsense, clean defense that is useful on the mat and the street alike. The best defense is a good offense, however if you are caught off guard and need to escape a hold, it is vital to know how to do so properly without causing injury to yourself. Various techniques can help you escape from a two-handed frontal choke hold.

Assume a right ready stance. Place your right foot in front, angled at about 45 degrees to the inside. The back foot points forward at a slight angle to the front foot. Elevate the back heel a couple inches and align it with the big toe on your front foot. Square your hips to the side, with arms held up and hands open. Angle your shoulders slightly forward. If you do not have time to get into a ready stance, quickly stabilize your feet side by side about shoulder width apart.

Form your fingers into a “spear” by holding the middle three fingers close together, with index and ring finger supporting the middle finger from underneath and thumb and pinkie finger held out slightly from the middle three fingers . Use the “spear” formed from the middle three fingers to stab your attacker in the eye or throat.

Perform an upward knee kick into your opponent’s groin: grasp the back of his neck with both hands, ducking your head to one side of his head; at the same time, round your shoulders down, lift your knee and square your hips in toward your opponent with the move. Pull your opponent in toward you while ramming your knee up into his groin.

Perform a ridgehand chop to the side of your attacker’s head. Bring your arm out to the side, level with your shoulder, fingers held tightly together in an open hand. Swing your arm back toward your opponent’s head, striking him with the thumb side of your hand. As you perform the strike, lead with your opposite leg in turning to the side, squaring your hips into a sideways ready stance as you turn. Follow all the way through with the chop.

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