How to End Load a Softball Bat

By Sharon Hadrian

End loading enhances the performance of a softball bat. After end loading, the ball travels farther and faster than it would using a conventional bat, because the weight is more heavily distributed toward the barrel.

Although banned by most major softball leagues and federations, end loading is often acceptable for bats used in exhibitions, home run derbies and recreational leagues.

End Loading Process

Step 1

Wedge the screwdriver under the end cap. If the cap is too tight, use a mallet to force the screwdriver into the space between the bat and the end cap.

Step 2

Slowly pry off the end cap.

Step 3

Inspect the end cap. If the small plastic grip ends have broken off, purchase a new end cap directly from the bat manufacturer. Cost is generally $20 or less.

Step 4

Place the end cap upside down on a work bench. The interior "cup" end should face up.

Step 5

Pour the polyurethane compound into the end cap. Leave the end cap to dry overnight. Make sure the polyurethane has dried completely before proceeding.

Step 6

Apply a thin layer of epoxy glue to the grip ends.

Step 7

Reinsert the end cap into the bat. Tap it gently with a mallet to ensure a tight fit.

Step 8

Wipe away excess epoxy and polyurethane from the outside of the bat.

Step 9

Store the bat upright and let it dry overnight.

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