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The Most Effective Fighting Styles

By Cristina Hagan

Every style of fighting or martial arts has its techniques, which can be deemed effective depending on the situation at hand. Whether one style is more effective than the other truly depends upon the practitioners and how well they are able to apply the techniques of their style. Four fighting styles, however, that can be most effective over the majority of other styles are: Krav Maga, Penjak Silat, Ninjutsu, and Jeet Kune Do.

Krav Maga

The fighting art of Krav Maga, the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces is quickly becoming one of the most popular fighting systems and is utilized by law enforcement throughout the world. It is a highly effective hand-to-hand combat art of self-defense that is designed to disarm and immobilize an attacker in seconds, using brute force and deadly strikes to the body. Krav Maga can be taught to men and women, children and elderly to enable them to become lethal human weapons in a matter of weeks of training.

Penjak Silat

Penjak Silat is an ancient Southeast Asian fighting system that teaches both empty hand and weapon training. "Silat" as it is often referred to incorporates deadly strikes and kicks, joint manipulation, throws, sweeps, sticks and bladed weaponry. It is an extremely effective fighting style, enabling a smaller person to fight off several larger opponents at the same time by redirecting an opponent's energy and attacking an opponent's vital pressure points.


Ninjutsu is an ancient martial art that was practiced in secrecy in Japan for many centuries. It involves training in espionage, archery, medicine, ancient and modern weaponry, and explosives. Ninjutsu is a complete fighting system that incorporates techniques such as: grappling, joint locks, throws, nerve strikes, kicks, sweeps, bone smashing, chokes, strangulation, and ground fighting. Practitioners of ninjutsu are so well trained mentally and physically that they are often considered for hire as deadly assassins.

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do or "The Way of the Intercepting Fist" is a new but highly effective fighting system that has evolved in the last 40 years. Jeet Kune Do or "JKD" was created and named by the late martial artist Bruce Lee who studied a variety of western and eastern martial arts such as: boxing, fencing, savate, wrestling, kung fu, judo, ju jitsu, karate, Thai boxing, kali and escrima. Lee looked for the most efficient fighting techniques and taught simplicity and practicality of technique. Jeet Kune Do incorporates punches, kicks, locks, throws, grappling, defense against multiple attacks and weapons. Basically the philosophy of JKD is keep what is useful, reject what is useless, and utilize whatever works in any given situation.

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