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How to Earn a Marching Band Scholarship

By Contributor

Earning a marching band scholarship generally depends on three things: a strong track record of marching band experience from your high school, a great audition and, perhaps most importantly, finding a college or university that offers such a scholarship. Not all schools do, as different colleges place more or less emphasis on their marching band programs.

Earn a Marching Band Scholarship

Perform with your school's marching band all throughout high school. At best, you may attract the eye of an eager talent scout for a major university. If not, your commitment to your high school band will show scholarship committees you're serious about being in a marching band.

Apply to schools that interest you, regardless of the opportunity to earn scholarships. Your best approach might be to decide on the college of your choice and then investigate whether any marching band scholarships are available.

Find out if any summer training camps are offered. Most undergraduate schools have some kind of band camp, designed to familiarize you with the school's particular style, cadences and movements. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and learn about any potential scholarships.

Indicate to the school your desire to earn a scholarship if one is available and complete any required forms ahead of schedule. The audition for the scholarship is often the same audition for acceptance in the band. You must be a matriculating student to audition.

Shine for the judges in your audition. Nail your musical piece, whether it is prepared in advance or provided on the spot. Many top programs emphasize spirit and enthusiasm over musical ability. "Wow" them and you will go far.

Keep your eyes open for additional scholarships you may be able to earn after joining the band. Some schools offer small scholarships to all band members after their first year in the program and beyond.

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