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How to Dunk on Someone

By Christopher Michael

Electricity surges through your veins as you exert your dominance by dunking in traffic. You moved faster, jumped higher and wanted it more than anyone else on the basketball court. And your team can ride to victory that adrenaline-pumping momentum earned by your jam. Burn your man to posterize an unfortunate member of the other team and let the crowd roar.

Step 1

Blast by your defender. You can use a crossover dribble, stutter step, fake jumper or pure speed to get by him. You'll need a step on your man to create room for take-off.

Step 2

Drive to the hoop as fast as you can, beating help defenders to the front of the rim. If a defender sets his feet in front of you, he is looking to take a charge and has effectively cut off your lane. You'll have to abort the dunk.

Step 3

Pick up your dribble with both hands at the waist as you step onto your dribble-side foot. Take another step and launch with all your might off your non-dribble-side foot, much like you would a layup. Dig deep for determination, keeping your eye on the hoop while bracing for impact from help defenders jumping into you.

Step 4

Use the momentum of your jump to move the ball above your shoulders with both hands. Then transfer the ball into your dribbling hand, cupping it in your palm while extending your arm up above and slightly behind your head. Try to palm the ball midair or use centripetal force to keep it in your palm as you travel full speed to the hoop.

Step 5

Raise your dribble-side knee in front of your body to help ward off defenders, keeping would-be blockers away from the ball. Raise your off-hand up above your head and in front of the ball to create another obstacle.

Step 6

Slam the ball down into the hoop with force among the help defenders. You need to get your wrist up above the rim so that you can bring the ball down into the hoop, making the shot very difficult to stop. Defenders cannot interfere with a ball directly above the rim, so if you've beaten the help defenders to the basket, the best they can do is jump into you while waving at the ball.

Step 7

Hold onto the rim for effect and safety. You just dunked on one or more defenders rushing to the scene. There's a lot of traffic underneath the hoop and you're allowed to hang onto the rim to avoid landing on fallen defenders.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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