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How to Dress for Street Racing

By Contributor

Street racing is not an organized sport with official uniforms or dress codes, but that doesn't mean you have to leave your fashion sense at the starting line. Not only should you look as cool as your ride, you can increase your chances of winning a street race by ensuring that what you wear does not impede with your driving ability. Read on to learn more.

Wear comfortable and light weight tennis shoes when street racing. Quickness and speed of your feet is extremely important in street racing, giving you the ability to clutch, brake or hit the gas with grace and perfect timing. Heavy boots as well as sandals can easily impede the maneuverability of your feet.

Leave your wristwatch and rings at home, wearing only necklaces, earrings or piercing rings, if your jewelry is an important part of your fashion statement. Rings and wrist watches can easily get in the way of quick shifting and graceful steering, so the next time you are street racing, dress down the "bling."

Choose pants that allow you to move your legs easily, leaving little resistance for clutching, braking and accelerating. Jeans, leather or sweatpants, you can take your pick, as long as your pants are loose in the knees for maneuverability.

Select a shirt, that like your jeans, allows you to move your arms freely and easily for quick steering. It is advisable to avoid wearing a jacket while street racing, as the sleeves can create resistance around the shoulders and elbows. Even a split second lost in shifting or steering can spell disaster.

Cover your head with a brimless cotton or wool snow cap, instead of a baseball style hat. Even the slightest brim on a hat can impede your field of vision and slow your reaction time. It is important in street racing that you have a clear field of vision in every direction, to both track your opponent and avoid obstacles.

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