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How to Dress for a Pro Golf Event

By Contributor

If you are a regular at pro golf events, either as a spectator or a player, you need to know that there are certain rules as to what is acceptable in apparel and what isn't. While you are not required to follow these rules, doing so will make you look like an "insider" to the other golf experts around you.

Dress for a Pro Golf Event

Dress conservatively, but keep it comfortable. Not only will you be spending many hours outdoors, but you are likely to do a lot of walking and standing around. Whether you are a player or a spectator, make sure you feel comfortable in your clothes before you head out to the course.

Dress "formal casual," a term that has grown to mean sporty clothes that have a formal or high-quality look. Cargo shorts can be dressy if they are pleated and made of materials such as twill. Polo shirts are usually the standard for upper-body dressing, especially in solid colors or stripes with solid collars.

Don't get carried away with accessories. A cap is fine as are plain sport socks. However, if you start adding golf-motif accessories by the dozen, it will end up looking tacky and overdone. During a pro golf event, you want to project a professional image not look like a fan.

Bring a jacket or windbreaker along. Pro golf events tend to last several hours, and being on an open field puts you at the mercy of the elements. Keep in mind also that wind is the most important factor on a golf course and that it can influence the temperature and the feel drastically.

Keep it formal if you are a spectator rather than a player. Pro golf events are attended by VIP guests, the press and other professionals. Even if you are not playing, you will be in touch with others in your field and you certainly want to make the best impression.

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