How to Get Drafted in Baseball

By Sean Mann

Getting drafted in baseball is the first step toward signing with a major league baseball team and playing in the pros. Pro teams participate in a draft during June of each year. Amateur high school and college players are eligible for the draft. Players who are eligible but aren't drafted become free agents and can sign with any team. Increase your odds of being drafted by impressing scouts during your high school games and attending a variety of showcase events and MLB tryout camps.

Step 1

Perform exceptionally well on your high school and college baseball teams. Pitchers need to be able to throw high-speed fastballs consistently for strikes and have a good curve ball. Your fastball should be around 88 to 90 mph. Having a slider, knuckler or split-finger in your arsenal is helpful as well. Position players need power, speed, arm strength, fielding and hitting ability. Good instincts, aggressiveness and a strong work ethic help all players.

Step 2

Attend showcase events such as the ones run by Perfect Game, where you get to compete with other top kids from across the country. This gives you extra visibility to pro scouts and shows you where your skills rank in relation to other kids of your age group. The top 40 juniors and seniors are eventually invited to the AFLAC All-American team.

Step 3

Attend as many MLB tryout camps as possible. They are held in June and July around the country, are free of charge and are attended by territorial scouts who work for all 30 of the Major League organizations. Pro baseball teams sometimes sign free agents to fill out their minor league baseball roster when they didn't sign enough players in the main draft.


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