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How to Do Two-person Stretches for Arms and Legs

By Andrew Smith

It is always important to stretch before and after any workout. Doing so with a partner can be extra beneficial. It's the same as lifting weights with a friend. Another person can help you stretch with the proper form to ensure you're getting the most out of your workout regimen. Your friend can also push you to your limit, allowing you to become more flexible. The following tips will you realize the benefits of stretching as a team.

Stand behind your partner as he stands up straight with his head lowered. Have him clasp his hands together in the middle of his lower back. Separate the hands and begin to lift the arms straight up. The arms should now be at either side. Lift the arms straight up until your partner tells you to stop. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat this stretch three times. This is an excellent stretch for the shoulders, biceps and pectoral muscles.

Perform the overhead triceps stretch with a partner. Place your hand in the middle of the back of your head. Slide your hand down your spine until your elbow points straight in the air. Once this happens, your partner can either push down on your elbow or stand behind you and pull down on your hand. Extend as far as possible and hold that stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat three times, alternating arms each time.

Lay flat on your back as your partner stands at your feet. Keeping your legs straight, have your partner grab one foot and slowly begin to lift your leg straight up into the air. Tell your partner when to stop lifting. Once you have reached your limit, hold this stretch for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat this stretch using the other leg. Go back and forth between the two legs three to five times depending on personal preference. This particular stretch is good for the hamstrings.

Begin once again by laying flat on your back while your partner kneels on your left side. Your partner should kneel beside you at knee level and parallel to your body (his face looking at your face). Keeping your right leg straight, bend your left leg slowing upwards while keeping your left foot on the ground. Have your partner grab the back of your left knee and slowly push your thigh towards your body. Your leg should stay in a 90 degree angle during this stretch. Once you have gone as far as possible, hold that stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat this stretch on your right leg. You should feel this stretch in your thighs and hips.

Place your feet in the butterfly position (the insides of your feet pressed together while knees point out to the side). While keeping this position, slowly lie back until your flat on the ground. You may have to extend your legs a little which is fine. Just make sure to keep the butterfly position. Your partner should kneel at your feet and be facing you. He should then place his hands on your knees and slowly press down. Once you have gone as far as you can, hold that stretch for 10 seconds. Get up and walk around for a minute or so to loosen back up before repeating this stretch. This stretch mostly works out the groin but is also good for your upper leg muscles.

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