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How to Do a Split When Unflexible

By Contributor

When you're part of a cheerleading team or wish to join a squad, you should know how to perform splits. However, you may run into a problem if you're not the most flexible person in the world. With some practice, you should gain the ability to perform basic splits.

Stretch. Each day, you should spend some time stretching your legs. You'll get more flexible with time. Before you practice, wear comfortable clothing that allows you to get into a split.

Prepare your legs before practicing your splits. When getting ready for splits, you should practice by putting your leg on an object that rests about waist height, like a chair or table. Alternate legs to stretch each out. Once you feel comfortable and stretched out, you can move down onto the ground.

Go as far as you can each time you practice. Push yourself to split your legs as far as possible without pulling or straining your muscles. You should not feel pain when doing a split correctly.

Keep an eye on your form. When doing splits while you're inflexible, you should focus on getting the correct form down first. Watch that your legs lay straight out and your knees turn away from your body.

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