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How to Do Shuttle Runs

By Contributing Writer

Shuttle runs are a simple exercise that will help you develop agility, quickness and cardiovascular strength. You can do them anywhere, in a gym, on grass, turf or pavement, and for various lengths of time depending on your schedule. This is a versatile exercise, which emphasizes change of direction and acceleration and is a great addition to any short-term or long-range workout plan.

Step 1

Draw a line about a yard long on the pavement. Walk 30 feet forward and draw a similar line on the ground. Set up two markers -- which can be small blocks of wood -- behind the furthest drawn line.

Step 2

Crouch down in the middle of the line without markers. Have a friend say, "Go." Run to the opposite line as fast as you can..

Step 3

Pick up one of the markers when you reach the line 30 feet away.

Step 4

Turn and sprint back to your original line and drop the marker behind the line.

Step 5

Run again to the opposite line and after picking up the second marker, sprint back to the original line. Drop the marker. This constitutes one repetition.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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