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How to Do a Schedule for Six Baseball Teams

By Steve Silverman

When you are scheduling a league with six teams, it should be relatively easy to build a cohesive schedule. Six-team leagues are quite common in many youth baseball leagues and in some high school and college leagues as well.

Step 1

Determine how many games the teams in your league are going to play. In a typical youth baseball season, 15 to 20 games will be played by each team. If your six-team league will have each team play 20 games, that means each team will play its five opponents four times each.

Step 2

Schedule two home games and two road games between each pair of opponents. This will be a fair schedule and it will ensure that each team has the same number of home games and the same number of road games.

Step 3

Work the schedule so that no team has more than four straight home games or four straight road games. When the team is playing as the visitor that many games in a row, it may be tough for young players to survive the opponent getting "last licks" on a continuous basis. It is best to alternate home or road games or to schedule no more than two home or road games in a row, but sometimes that may not be possible.

Step 4

Make a playoff schedule for the top four finishers in the league. At the end of the season, the first-place team in the league should play the fourth-place team in a playoff game and the second- and third-place teams should also meet. The two winners should meet in a best-of-three playoff series for the championship.

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