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How to Do Power Jacks Exercise

By Contributor

The jumping jack is a great aerobic exercise that gets the heart pumping and helps improve cardiovascular health. Regular aerobic exercise such as power-jumping jacks carries oxygen to your lungs, enables your blood to pump with less effort, improves your mood and stamina, and tones muscles. Power-jumping jacks combine the benefits of jumping jacks and squats.

Stand up straight, hold your abs in tight and put the majority of your weight on your toes.

Jump out, pushing through your heels and toes, separating your legs straight out to the side, wider than shoulder length, with your knees slightly bent. Be sure your knees are pointed straight directly over your toes.

Swing your arms up and out to the side and over your head as you jump, clapping your hands over your head.

Do two small jumps with your legs out and your hands above your head.

Bring your legs back together into a squat position and bring your hands back down at your knees as you squat.

Bring your hands out and over your head once more and put your legs out to the side standing up straight. Jump two small jumps in this position as you did before.

Repeat this until you've done the desired amount of repetitions.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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