How Do You Play Skins in Golf?

By Cliff Wiese

Skins is a golf gambling game. It has almost nothing to do with the professional Skins Game you see on television. The pros are playing for sponsor money. When you play in a skins game it will be gambling with your own money. There are two ways to play a skins game. One is a "carryover," which means if a skin is not won on a hole all the money carries over to the next hole. Skins can also be played with no carryover, so each hole is a separate bet.

A Skins Game

Decide on the dollar amount of each skin with the players in your group; $1 is a popular number for bookkeeping purposes. If $1 is decided on, that is the amount wagered per hole per player for each skin. Decide if you will play skins with carryovers or not. Playing with carryovers will add significantly to the amount of money that changes hands. Any number of players can participate.

Begin your golf round. The first player to win a hole outright wins a skin. If two or more players tie, there is no skin on that hole. If you are playing carryovers and no one wins a hole, the money from the hole moves on to the next hole. Continue on with your golf round.

Finish the round of golf. Count up the number of skins won by each player. If there are four players in a group and someone wins a skin, he has actually won a skin from each player, or a total of three skins. If someone has a particularly good day, or if you are playing carryovers, or both, a substantial amount of money can change hands. Skins is an easy game to play and tends to make each player strive to do his best. Pay off the outstanding bets and decide when your next game will be.

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