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What Do the Colored Dots on Ping Golf Clubs Mean?

By Christopher Michael

The colored dots on Ping golf clubs indicate the lie angle -- that is, the degree of the angle between the shaft and the clubhead. The first company to popularize club-fitting, Ping introduced its color-coding system in 1972 and has expanded it over the years.

The Range of Colors

The black dot indicates the standard lie angle. Each of the 12 colors represents a 0.75 degree angle change, ranging from gold at 3.75 degrees flat to maroon at 4.5 degrees upright. The spectrum, from flat to upright, goes gold, brown, orange, purple, red, black, blue, yellow, green, white, silver and maroon.

Fitting Ping Clubs

When getting fit for the proper lie angle for Ping clubs, you are be measured for the distance from your wrists to the ground as you stand upright. That's known as the static measurement. The club-fitter -- often a PGA or LPGA professional -- then takes a dynamic measurement by having you hit a few shots from an impact board. With both measurements, the fitter recommends the proper lie angle. You can get an idea of the best lie angle for you by using Ping's online fitting application. Generally, taller golfers require a club with a more upright angle, while shorter golfers benefit from a flatter club.

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