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What to Do With Old Golf Clubs

By Aleks Volkov

Golf is among the most expensive individual sports. New golf clubs have become almost unaffordable for many average people, with higher-end clubs selling for a few hundred dollars each. One avenue golfers have been taking recently is re-selling their old clubs in order to save as much money as possible on new clubs. Others looking to make a difference in the community can also donate their old clubs to a worthy cause.

Selling Your Old Clubs

If you are a golfer looking to make a few bucks by selling your old set of golf clubs, you should strongly consider taking them to second-hand sporting goods stores such as Play it Again Sports. At a second-hand dealer, knowledgeable clerks will be able to appraise your old set of clubs, determining their worth based on the condition and age of the set, and also on what the store feels the demand for the particular set of clubs would be. For example, a 20-year-old set of lefthanded clubs would likely be worth less than a considerably newer set of righthanded clubs, based on demand. Essentially, if your clubs are not in good condition, you should not get your hopes up on making a ton of money reselling them. Second-hand sports stores that sell new equipment may also include discounts on a new set of clubs. If for any reason you are uninterested in selling your old clubs to a dealer, another good option would be to put up advertisements at your local public golf course, as novice players customarily purchase used clubs in order to save money while they are deciding whether golf is truly a sport in which they would like to regularly participate.

Donating Old Clubs

Some golfers who plan on parting with their old clubs decide to donate the used set to a charity or not-for-profit cause. This is an honorable and unselfish way to make an impact on someone else's life, as you are giving that person the means to participate in an activity they already love to do or in other cases, to begin playing a fun, family-oriented sport. Organizations such as The First Tee give children of all walks of life the opportunity to learn life lessons such as confidence, respect, sportsmanship and responsibility through golf. Those more familiar with nationwide groups such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America may also be interested in donating their old set of golf clubs there.

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