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How to Do Neck Exercises for Physical Therapy

By Contributing Writer

Simple, yet effective neck exercises for physical therapy to end neck pain.

How to do Neck Exercises for Physical Therapy

Gently lower your head, hold a few seconds, then bring it back up again, holding a few seconds. Breathe in and out deeply, while lowering and rising your head.

Drop your head down again. Roll your head to one side and then to the other, very gentle. You may feel a light stretch.

Raise your head and let it fall back gently and again, roll your head to one side and then to the other very gently.

Stick your head out as far as you can and then bring it back and tuck underneath your chin, repeat a few times.

Bring in your shoulders and then back out again, squeezing your shoulder blades while you are doing it, back and forward about five times and then end with it nice and back.

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