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Do Infrared Wraps Work for Belly Fat?

You'll do almost anything to reduce belly fat in a snap because it's physically unattractive and a danger to your health. But quick fixes, including infrared wraps aren't the answer. You may experience a temporary shrinking of your middle after a wrap because of compression and dehydration, but wraps are not a long-term solution. They don't actually cause you to lose belly fat -- only consistent diet and exercise can help.

Too Good to Be True

Infrared wrap treatments claim that you can lose up to 8 pounds with one treatment. They suggest that you can break down fat cells through a process called thermolipolysis, which occurs as a result of increased body temperature and metabolic rate. Beware of such claims. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is, explains Michigan Health and Wellness. The only way to truly lose belly fat is to consume a low-calorie, healthy diet and increase your physical activity.