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How to do Exercises for Sleep Apnea Treatment

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

Performing throat exercises for sleep apnea can be an effective sleep apnea treatment. Keep in mind this will not work if you suffer from severe sleep apnea.

Repeat your vowels for three minutes strait to help treat sleep apnea.

This is going to feel silly, exaggerating the tone of each vowel will help make this exercise for sleep apnea stretch out your throat.

Push your tongue firmly against the back of your front teeth and slide it to the the back of your mouth for three minutes.

Purse your mouth firmly and hold for thirty seconds. Performing these sleep apnea treatment exercises makes you feel pretty cool doesn't it?

Contract the muscles of the back of the throat for another thirty seconds or so. You may feel kind of like a frog doing this sleep apnea exercise.

Force your lower jaw to the left for thirty seconds. Now back to the right for thirty seconds.

Perform these throat exercises on a daily basis if you suffer from mild sleep apnea. Studies have shown that this can be an effective sleep apnea treatment.

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