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How to Do a Disc Golf Hyzer Throw

By Contributor

Disc golf is similar to regular golf except that a disc is thrown rather a ball hit with a club. You can make several types of throws in disc golf. One is the hyzer. A hyzer throw is one that angles so you can maneuver the disc around an object such as a tree. Learning how to do a hyzer throw in disc golf will help your game tremendously.

Practice throwing the disc flat before attempting to throw angled shots. Once you have mastered a flat throw, you can move on to more advanced throws like the hyzer and anhyzer.

Grip the disc underhand, with your fingers beneath the disc and your thumb on top of the disc, as you would a Frisbee. Angle the outer edge of the disc toward the ground (angling the outer edge up away from the ground is an anhyzer).

Draw your arm back across your body and level with your opposite shoulder. Move only your arm; do not twist your upper body. Extend your arm quickly and release the disc when your arm is fully extended.

Keep your elbow close to your body when making a hyzer throw. This is not true of most sidearm throws. In fact, the hyzer is the only sidearm throw when your elbow should be close to your body.

Use the hyzer throw when you want the disc to angle in the direction opposite of your throwing arm; for instance, a hyzer thrown right-handed will angle to the left.

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