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How to Do a Circle Roll in Gymnastics

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The circle roll in gymnastics is commonly known as the dolly or teddy bear roll. It is a stretch young gymnasts perform on the floor. The technique requires moderate flexibility. The circle roll it is not an actual gymnastics skill or element and should not be included in a routine.

Sit on the floor in a straddle position with the legs spread apart and toes pointed. The legs shouldn't be spread more than a 180-degree angle. Place your hands behind the knees and keep your back straight.

Lean over to the right until your right elbow in on the floor. Continue rolling to the right until your right shoulder is against the floor. Keep the legs straight and toes pointed.

Raise the left hip as high as possible into the air while keeping the right hip flat on the floor. Legs will remain in front maintaining the angle created in the straddle. However, the left leg will lift slightly into the air.

Turn onto your back by rolling towards the left until your head and shoulders lay flat on the floor. The left leg will begin to drop to its original position.

Shift onto the left shoulder and then the left elbow. Continue to come up with the right hip lifted upwards. The right leg lifts off the ground. Allow your arms to boost you through without stopping.

Return to the beginning upright position with your legs in the straddle position. You have made a 180-degree rotation and completed the circle roll.

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