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How to Do Calisthenics for Kids

By Contributor

Exercise is an important part of living a healthy and happy life. Children love to be active in their play and incorporating some fitness training and calisthenics into their activities will only help to ensure that they are equipped with the tools they will need to be healthy and fit adults.

Jump up for a great start. One way to warm up is to do some basic jumping jacks. This is a great whole body exercise, as it works your arms, legs and core. Grabbing a jump rope is another idea for a kids' warm-up activity.

Try push-ups to give kids the super strong muscles they love to show off. Beginners can start to strengthen their arms by using a wall or chair to start off with and pros can hit the ground and push out 20 in no time.

Put hiking boots on your kids to get them in the mood for a hike right there in your living room. Climber calisthenics give all the challenges of a mile high climb without going anywhere far away. In the same stance as a push up, pull one leg up, knee to your chest then switch legs back and forth.

Get a leg up with some leg lifts and squats. You can choose to go one leg at a time to double the workout by keeping your legs together as you leg lift your tummy into shape. Squats strengthen bottoms and legs to help us stay balanced and steady.

Give Burpies a try for aerobic fun, getting your child's heart rate up to a healthy exercise rate. Start with hand on your hips, crouch down, pop your legs back, crouch again and jump up, arms high in the air and return to the starting position.

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