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How to Do a Burpee

By Contributor

Child obesity is on the rise, so exercise has never been more important for our youth. Yet, most kids would rather be sitting in front of a television than playing outdoors. The burpee is a perfect exercise to break up the idleness. Not only is a burpee funny to say, it also provides a total body workout that is challenging and fun. Learn to keep your kid in shape by reading the steps below.

Find a small area to begin teaching your child the general movements of a burpee. Squat down with your arms outside your legs and hands on the floor. Next, walk your legs back until they are in a standard push up position. With your hands still touching the ground, return to the squat position by walking the legs forward and standing up. Practice this several times with your child until they are comfortable with the technique.

Perform a burpee by having the child stand with their feet together squatting down as mentioned in the previous step. Tell them to kick their feet backwards until they are in the push up position maintaining a straight back. Without pausing, have them jump their feet back forward between their hands and jump up as high as they can.

Keep it fun. This is a challenging exercise and may take your child awhile to learn. Therefore, hold their interest by making a game out of it. See who can do a burpee the fastest or see if you can sing silly songs while performing the exercise.

Progress slowly. Begin with 5 to 10 burpees or until your child is unable to perform the exercise with good form. Always watch your child throughout the exercise. Poor form may lead to injuries.

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