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How to Do Boxing Workouts for Kids

By Contributor

Boxing is an excellent way for kids to stay fit, learn self-discipline and gain confidence. Training and proper workouts help kids learn the basics of the sport and stay safe in the ring. Like any sport, boxing workouts for kids should be approached slightly differently than training for adults.

Warm up with your young boxer. Properly warming up and stretching before a workout prevents muscle injuries. Get your muscles warm by taking a light jog or doing some jumping jacks. Once your heart rate is up, stretch your muscles, paying particular attention to your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, back, shoulders and neck. Have your boxer count to 20 before switching to the next stretch.

Continue your warm-up by jump roping. You can lead your boxer in jump-roping exercises, or you can supervise. Jump roping improves endurance and agility. Instruct your boxer to get the rope moving at a quick pace and to avoid simply jumping up and down in one spot. Move forward, back and to the sides while jumping rope.

Teach your boxer the proper boxing stance. A good stance should feel comfortable and balanced. To get into the proper stance, your boxer should plant his left foot so his toe is pointing to 1 o'clock and his knee is at 12 o'clock. The right foot should be behind the body, providing stability and balance.

Instruct your young boxer to throw jabs, cross punches and uppercuts. Use hand targets to intercept the punches. Evaluate the accuracy and speed of the punches, and provide constructive criticism as well as praise. Move the hand targets so your boxer has an opportunity to adjust her stance. As she throws a punch, her front leg should rotate, and she should twist at the waist to provide power.

Instruct your boxer to throw hooks by turning his body, keeping his elbow up and following through. After each punch, your boxer's gloves should go in front of his face to protect himself from his opponent. Have your boxer take his time between punches, and correct his technique as needed. Your boxer should also be focusing on proper breathing between punches.

Introduce a punching bag and speed bag to your child once she is comfortable hitting hand targets with the proper technique.

Spar with your boxer. Make sure he is wearing the proper safety equipment, including a mouth guard and headgear. Give plenty of opportunities for your boxer to put together combinations and block your punches.

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