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How to Do an Abdominal Workout on an Inversion Table

By Contributor

An inversion table is often used for people suffering from spinal injuries, as it help to increase the spaces between vertebrae. However, an inversion table can also be used as a part of your traditional fitness routine, offering you a unique way to perform your daily abdominal workout. With a few tips, you can start your inversion table abs workout today.

Roll back on your inversion table into a full upside-down inversion. If you feel any pain in your spine when hanging freely from your ankles or are recovering from a spinal injury, you should not perform these abdominal exercises.

Place your palms on your upper thighs and tuck your tail bone in. Inhale deeply and on the exhale, engage your abs and lift your torso, sliding your hands as far down your legs as possible. Exhale and come back down to your full extension using slow, controlled movements. Repeat the beginner abs exercise 3 to 10 times, depending on your fitness level.

Get an intermediate abs workout on your inversion table by either crossing your arms across your chest as your perform the gentle crunches, or placing your hands behind your head as you would for a traditional sit-up.

Take your abs workout one step further by beginning with your arms extended overhead. Exhale and slowly lower your arms, moving your palms towards your thighs as your lift your torso. Keep your arms fully extended as you inhale and slowly roll back down.

Add a hold to the peak of any of these abs exercises to further work your core muscles. Simply hold your lift at the end of your exhale, keep the position for a full breath and then release slowly on the inhale.

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