How to Do an Ab Workout on a Gazelle

By Joyce Kelly

Beach season is right around the corner, calling for tighter, toned abdominal muscles. Many calisthenic exercises target the "abs," yet fitness and health experts agree it is equally important to burn the fat covering those muscles. Losing belly flab reduces the risk of heart disease and uncovers those abs you've worked so hard for. But for effective fat burning, you need a cardiovascular workout. If you own a Gazelle exercise machine, you can achieve both ends by adjusting your cardiovascular workout to include abdominal-targeting moves. This way, you can burn off excess fat and tone your ab muscles simultaneously.

Learn the Gazelle basic moves and warm up as usual. Abdominal-targeting exercises on a Gazelle are considered "advanced moves." Therefore, you need to practice and master the basic gliding moves before attempting an abdominal workout.

Hold in your abdominal muscles at all times during your workout for proper posture and ab muscle toning.

Add ab-targeting moves to your basic glide. Find your balance and move your hands to a high position on the crossbars. Hold in your abs and begin twisting your torso from side to side slowly while moving the crossbars back and forth. Repeat this action for at least two minutes.

Try slowly removing your hands from the grips and perform your basic glide "hands free." Find your balance, tighten your abs and hold your torso to one side, keeping your lower body straight. While maintaining a slow glide, hold this torso position until you feel the burn in your side, or oblique, abdominal muscles. Turn your torso to the other side and hold that position until you feel the burn on that side. Repeat.

Continue your ab workout until you feel those muscles fatigue, then proceed to the rest of your workout or cool down by gliding slowly for a few minutes before carefully stepping off the machine.

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