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How to Display Trophies and Ribbons

By krislarsen

If you were involved in sports as a kid or have children who are involved in sports now, odds are you have a lot of trophies and ribbons floating around the house. Each one probably has it's own story of last minute shots, injury-filled seasons, and a lot of sweat. Because of all the memory behind these symbols of victory, they shouldn't be hidden in a closet or collecting in a corner. Instead display them where they can be seen and asked about, but also where they will not take to up too much room. Instead of taking up large wall space with several shelfing units, display them around the room using one long shelf higher on the wall. Read on to learn how.

How to Display Trophies and Ribbons

A key spot to display your treasures is a finished basement or partially finished. Another great spot is a den with a sports theme or spare room.

Pick out a shelf you like. You'll want one that will run continuously along the wall and either have a little guard on them to make sure the trophies come to far forward and call off.

Lay out your trophies and how you want them to be layed out. Mix this up a big. Place a few short ones together and mix in a tall one. As people look around the room it will show variety instead of just a clump of trophies.

Measure your tallest trophy. You want to make sure there is enough room from the ceiling so your trophy will fit but will not look out of place.

Add at least 2 or 3 inches to the length of your tallest trophy. That is how far down the wall from the ceiling your shelfing will start.

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