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Disney Themed Homecoming Parade Float Ideas

By Liza Hollis

Homecoming celebrations at schools and universities are often celebrated with parades full of floats, music and school spirit. If you want to take a more creative approach to choosing a theme for your homecoming parade, pick a theme that is not based on your school mascot or slogan. For example, a Disney-themed float offers inspiration for many ideas that can still relate to your school and the big game.

"It's a Small World"

If you have ever been to Disney World or Disneyland, it is likely that you have experienced the "It's a Small World" attraction. The ride is comprised with a boat that takes you around to different animatronic figures that are dressed in regional garb representing more than 100 nations. Each float in the parade could represent a different nation. To tie it back to your school's homecoming, one float could represent the school. Use a slogan such as, "It's a Small World ... but Jefferson High has Big Heart."

Disney Princesses

Another idea for homecoming parade floats is to model each float after a different Disney film featuring the Disney princesses. For example, one float can be pumpkin shaped for Cinderella's float, one could be "Under the Sea"-inspired for a "Little Mermaid Float" and another could be "Snow White" themed. To tie some school spirit into the float, use symbols from your school in each one. For example, if you have a homecoming court, these individuals can dress up as some of the most memorable characters from these Disney films, while wearing school colors.


"Fantasia," the Disney film that was first released in 1942, can be inspiration for a homecoming float. Because it is a musical, the "Fantasia" float is the perfect way to incorporate the school marching band and orchestra into the celebration. Some individual float ideas could feature hippos performing ballet, Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, a dinosaur battle or centaurs and winged horses. This theme is especially fitting for a late fall or early winter homecoming celebration because the film features floating snowflakes throughout.

Disney World/Disneyland

Another Disney-related homecoming float idea is to model your float after the different theme parks. For example, one float could resemble the Magic Kingdom, complete with Space Mountain or the Haunted Mansion. Another float could represent Epcot Center, with its distinctive orb symbol, and spotlight different countries. Or, instead of representing individual parks, the floats could represent specific rides.

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