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Discus Regulations in Middle School for Track & Field

By Natasha Puryear

The discus event in track and field is a classic competition dating to Greece and the first Olympics. It is also included in the field events in middle school, and while the regulations vary from state to state, they follow some general guidelines.

Disc Size

The disc used by middle schoolers is the same as the woman's Olympic disc: It weighs 1 kg and has a diameter of 181 mm.


Because middle schoolers are much more likely than Olympians to throw a disc into crowds, a backstop is used. It is similar to a baseball batting practice net.


The arc is the area the disc must land. The arc is marked at a 34 degree angle from the throwing area for college throwers and above. Middle school discus throwers are allowed up to a 60-degree angle.


A middle school athlete cannot take more than $100 in gifts during a calendar year to remain eligible for school track and field events. The rule was made for football, basketball and baseball, but applies to all athletics.


Like all student athletes, the middle school student must maintain passing grades in his classes to continue to compete in sanctioned sports.

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