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How to Disable a Governor on a Club Car

By Jennifer Eblin

If you have a golf cart, in particular a club car, you know that you can only reach a maximum speed before the car levels off. You may have seen others racing around in their club cars and wondered how they got up to such high speed. They did it by disabling their's cars' governor, a little device makes the cart stay below a specific speed. Here is how to do it.

Get behind the driver’s side seat and look for a small plastic plate that’s held in place by two small screws. This whole plate will have to be taken off to get to the governor.

Use a screwdriver to take off the screws. This almost always requires a Phillips head screwdriver. Make sure you keep the screws in a convenient location so you can find them easily. Keep your plastic plate in the same place.

Look for the governor by locating a piece of metal that looks like a large T. The piece should move back and forth fairly easily. This is what controls your speed. To disable the governor, you need to stop this piece from moving.

Place a small rubber band on top of the T at the thickest part where the governor moves. Look behind the governor to find a small metal rod that’s permanently attached to the club car and stretch your rubber band enough to connect it to that metal rod.

Screw the plastic plate back in place. Once the plate is back in place, the governor is disabled.

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