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Different Ways to Use a Gazelle Glider

By Laurie Dickinson

With the Gazelle glider, you can use the muscles of your upper and lower body to strengthen and burn calories. The Gazelle glider also allows a wide range of motions which lets you go from a slow walk to a fast run. There are several types of Gazelle gliders such as the Gazelle Edge and the Gazelle Freestyle. Whatever Gazelle glider you use, there are different ways to use your elliptical machine.

Basic Glide

For the basic glide exercise, stand upright on the foot platforms. Maintain this upright posture with your shoulders aligned directly over your hips the entire exercise. Also, your knees should be slightly bent, not locked. As you begin to glide your feet back and forth, make sure the front of each foot platform glides slightly past the base of the frame. Begin pushing and pulling your arms gently. The hands can be in a neutral, low or high grip position.

Wide Glide

To perform the wide glide exercise begin with a basic glide movement. Progressively increase the length of your stride. Your heels will naturally lift as your legs move to the back. Place your hands in the neutral or low hand grip position, pushing and pulling your arms gently. Maintain upright posture so you don’t lose your balance.

Low Glide

The low glide exercise emphasizes your quadriceps. Begin with a basic glide movement with your hands in the neutral hand grip position. As you glide, bend your knees deeper and widen the length of your glide. Keep your shoulders aligned over your hips and remain in an upright position. Avoid bending your knees too deeply, so the knees don’t bump against the arms as the arms swing.

Power Glide

The advanced power glide exercise is executed using a wide glide position. Place your hands in the neutral or high grip position. Begin gliding, gradually increasing the length of your stride to a wide glide. Remain in a comfortable position so you avoid any over-rotations which could upset your balance. While gliding allow your shoulders and torso to rotate slightly from side to side and pressing and pulling the arm bars firmly.

Power Jog

The power jog exercise is an advanced exercise performed without your hands on the bars which could cause you to lose your balance, so be careful. First, begin with a basic wide glide stance. When you are comfortable release your hands and bring the hands into a jogging position at your sides, allowing your arms to pump as if you were jogging. Begin gliding. Be sure you maintain an upright position to avoid getting your head or shoulders in the way of the swinging handles.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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