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Different Volleyball Games to Play

By Lee Morgan

The sport of volleyball ranks second behind soccer as the world's most played sport, according to Volleyball.com. William G. Morgan developed the sport in 1895 and called it "mintonette." It was renamed volleyball and the first official match was played in July 1896 at Springfield College in Massachusetts. Since then, many versions of the game have become popular.

Traditional Volleyball

Play traditional volleyball with teams of six. The traditional game of volleyball as designed by Morgan is played between two teams consisting of six players per side using a converted tennis court. The net sits at a height of 6 feet, 6 inches.

The object of the game is for one team to put the ball over the net and prevent the other team from returning it successfully to their side. Each team is limited to three hits on their side, and then must return the ball back over the net. The game is either played to 21 points or 15 points.

One of the challenges to the game is that the ball is not allowed to be caught or "carried" in any way and must be hit immediately by a receiving player to either "set up" another player for a better hit or return it over the net.

Beach Volleyball

Move your game outdoors to experience beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball may have been played on the beaches of Hawaii n the 1920s, but most people credit the invention of the sport to men in Santa Monica, Calif., in the 1930s.

The game rules are basically the same as traditional volleyball, except it is played on sand rather than a court and teams are comprised of two people.

Nuke 'Em

Play Nuke 'em if you want to make the game fun for kids. Nuke 'em, also known as Newcomb Volleyball, is a variety of the traditional game played by children or by those with limited athletic ability.

This game is played with the same basic rules as the traditional game, except the ball is caught rather than hit. Players may catch the ball and take a limited number of steps and pass it to another player on their team or try to throw it where no one on the other side can catch it before it hits the ground.

Sepak Takraw

Watch Sepak Takraw and then decide whether you will be able to play this game of high skill. This popular Asian variation is played on a doubles badminton court and has many of the same rules as traditional volleyball.

The game uses a unique type of ball unlike the volleyball but can be played as "footvolley" using a volleyball. The game is played between two-player teams and they are not allowed to use their arms to hit the ball. They must kick the ball back and forth or hit it with their chest or head. Also, a point is awarded if the ball hits the net or when it touches the ground.

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