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The Difference Between Prov1 & Prov1x Golf Balls

By Christopher Michael

Old school golfers like to remind you that, "it's the archer, not the arrow." But it sure does help to have a well made arrow. Titleist gives you two slightly different weapons to choose from on the course -- the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. The differences are subtle, but can be used to enhance your attack.

Soft or Softer

The V1 feels soft and spins less off a driver, giving you more control with a low trajectory and a couple extra yards due to a generous roll on the fairway. Both balls feature an ionomer casing layer and a 352-dimple urethane cover. But the three-piece V1 only has one core while the four-piece V1x features two, giving the V1x an even softer feel, lower spin rate and trajectory off the tee. Yet both balls spin more when approaching the green to increase control because of the urethane covers. Essentially, there are only two differences -- feel and trajectory off the driver. If you prefer a softer feel with a lower drive for more control off the tee, choose the V1x. If you want a slightly harder ball with longer drives, go with the V1.

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