Difference Between Pickleball & Paddleball

By William Norman

Paddleball and pickleball, two fast-paced games involving a racket and ball, differ enough that each provides a unique game experience.


Paddleball involves two individuals or teams, each of which tries to return a ball served by the other against a wall. Each team must hit the ball in turn, and the ball must bounce inside the prescribed playing area on the wall or floor.


Pickleball takes place on a court suitable for badminton. Each team tries to return the ball over the net until a missed return scores a point for the opposing team.


Paddleball games may play to 15, 21, or 25 points. Pickleball games only go to a final score of 11, but the winning team must score a two-point margin for victory.


Paddleball requires a rubber ball and a wall, while pickleball uses a hollow plastic ball and a net.

Playing Area

Paddleball courts measure 20 by 34 feet on the ground, with the wall's playing area stretching upward of 16 feet. Pickleball courts measure 20 feet by 44 feet, with a 7-foot "out" area surrounding the net.


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