How to Diagnose Golf Cart Problems

By Peter Matthews

Many golf courses give you the option of riding the course in a cart, and many even insist on it. In recent years golf carts have become a more frequent mode of transport in holiday parks, theme parks, resort communities and other settings. Although a golf cart engine, whether for an electrical or gas-driven vehicle, is a comparatively straightforward affair, it will need a certain amount of maintenance and servicing. With a little effort a lot of the diagnosis and work can be done by you instead of paying out for professional help.

Obtain the owner's manual for your golf cart. This will tell you the regular maintenance and servicing the cart requires and will have a troubleshooting section to help you diagnose the most common faults.

Ensure necessary servicing and maintenance checks are carried out in a timely manner. This will prevent many faults from occurring and take away the need for potentially costly repairs

Check tires regularly. Improperly inflated tires can cause uneven wear, an uneven ride and handling problems.

Clean battery terminals and on a gas-powered cart clean the spark plugs. The most common reason for a cart not starting is a problem with the battery. A badly running gas engine with coughing or uneven firing is most commonly brought about by fouled or dirty plugs.


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