How to Design Your Own Wrestling Shoes

By Blair Foy

Wrestling shoes are an essential part of the sport itself. Although the various types and brands of this specialized footwear have the same purpose, there are options that a wrestler can utilize to customize their shoes in order to demonstrate their own personal style while they are on the mat.

Identify what your budget is for wrestling shoes. Before looking for shoes, factor in the amount of money available for you to spend. Use your budget as a guide when choosing your wrestling shoes.

Determine what style and brand of wrestling shoe you want that is within your budget. When choosing your preferred style of wrestling shoe, the key factor to consider is if you want a split sole or uni-sole. Aside from the physical split in the shoe's soles themselves, another difference between these shoe options is that split sole wrestling shoes offer more flexibility while uni-sole shoes provide the wrestler with increased traction on the mat.

Purchase your chosen wrestling shoes in a basic color that you want to use for the background of your shoe. When you buy your shoes, decide what you want the underlying color for your new footwear to be. Choose the most simple design available in your specific shoe as that gives you the most options for designing and customizing your own wrestling shoes.

Create your chosen design for your wrestling shoes. Use the tracing paper as a template and draw your design on it. Cut out your template and tape it to where you want each element on your shoe.

Trace your template on to your shoe with a fabric marker. Decide if you want to use either paint or fabric to finish your design.


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